Welcome to the Scranton Martial Arts Center

Thank you for visiting smacmartialarts.com the official internet home of the Scranton Martial Arts Center (SMAC) TM, an Academy of Chinese Martial Arts.  

The Scranton Martial Arts Center family is the longest running Chinese martial arts linage in the Scranton Pennsylvania area.  The instructors of the Center are committed to offering its members and affiliates the highest quality of expert instruction possible, free of ego and politics.  We remain dedicated to the teaching & promotion of the traditional Asian martial art forms along with their philosophies for strengthening the body, and balancing the mind. 

The Scranton Martial Arts Center (SMAC) TM is no longer located at our former business location in West Scranton.  The instructors of the Center decided to close its public location in spring of 2010 and now the linage of the school lives on by maintaining a private training community throughout Northeast Pa. The instructors and students of the Center continue to carry on one of the area's oldest martial arts traditions by holding weekly private training sessions and annual meetings. 

This site is dedicated to the hard working students who continue to learn and practice Kung fu and Tai Chi in the linage and traditions of the Scranton Martial Arts Center (SMAC)